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Fast Shoe Technology

FastIt’s a new shoe concept aimed for the most-demanding athlete. The attention to the smallest technical detail has improved the fit level and performances ...



MerchandisingVisit ChainSport Merchandising page! You can find there many other products for your favourite sport or your business...


Winter Series

ArticaThis shoe has been conceived for extreme-weather cycling. The use of technical materials such as the “wind tex” membrane ensure dry and warm feet inside...



Since 1973, we manufacture shoes with the passion of creating products that leave a mark. Overtime, we have built a dedicated team of skilled and passionate craftsman, which is our company strength. Sport shoes have become our core business: for over 20 years we have been manu- facturing products for many prestigious firms known throughout the world, combining innovative production techniques and special attention to high quality for a true Made in Italy. CHAIN is the result of our passion for sportive footwear.

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Ultime News

02/04/2012 Chainsport News First podium for the TEAM NSP with CHAN shoes, considering that the season has just begun we are confident in a future full of satisfaction.
21/03/2012 First good place for Alessandro Gambino of the X-TEAM TERAMO. Congratulation.
19/03/2012 X-TEAM TERAMO Presentation of the professional X-TEAM TERAMO, their riders use CHAIN shoes for this season.
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